Reasons to Love Survive France

So as today is filled with lots of fluffy lovey dovey stuff I thought we could all say what we love about Survive France Network. Here’s my starter for ten…

  1. Freedom of Speech - SFN is open for discussion, it’s lightly moderated so you can say what you think
  2. It’s Friendly - You won’t find any snidey remarks on here, if we disagree with someone we do so with respect for their opinion
  3. Excellent Resource - You can find out just about anything on SFN about life in France, from bringing up your kids and buying houses to raising dogs/cats/horses/pigs/chickens…
  4. It’s more than just a forum, you can read, blog, chat & listen in…
  5. Proactive approach to businesses - you can advertise for a very reasonable rate and list your business for free
  6. It’s fresh, progressive and fun

    Now over to you…

It’s amazing, I just happened to mention I loved creme eggs, I got a creme egg rescue package through the post! What more can I say! I am sure that the fact that we all have real names, faces and stories makes a huge difference.
Thank you Teresa and thank you Catherine and James for making it all happen.

A testimonial for SFN: A year ago I posted my need for a French and English speaking personal assistant on various expat and French business forums. I got ONE response telling me I would never find anyone… 2 weeks ago I posted it on SFN, got 27 replies, within hours, and was lucky enough to find someone who is absolutely fabulous and may just be the difference between me ‘coping’ and ‘doing well’ in the French system. She’s an absolute star, I’m very happy and I can’t recommend SFN enough to anyone needing to know more about living, working and coping (lol) in France. Thanks Catharine and James, a fantastic resource

Yeah right warm and fluffy. Be careful people she’s lulling us into a false sense of security :wink:

Thanks guys - I’ve just gone all warm and fluffy! xx

You just said all my reasons so… ditto x 6!!

  • very proactive members so if you post you always get responses