Reassurance for a smooth crossing please!

I am sorry in advance if already fully answered but I need reassurance in last days before travel.
Returning to our little the Vendee in early September, no doubt very dusty but trying to look forward to it!
My husband has a condition that means I am.left to deal with everything organisational where he does all the practical…a good team!

Just when I thinknI have everything done and sorted I read something else that looks like it needs to be added…then I get overwhelmed!
Travelling Portsmouth to St Malo.

Please advise if I am prepared properly.!!?
We are both fully vaccinated from.months ago
So no tests going.
Have our nhs app with qr codes ready and also the nhs letters proof
also in french info version.
Will carry proof of house, bills in France etc.

  1. ?.just read need to carry proof of resources?? Do I have to take uk Bank Statements…I hate that!
    What does that bit mean?

  2. ?Is the Sworn Statement/Attestation something that has to be printed out after completing or just kept on phone?

Coming back: I have the lists for pharmacies and also about to order Day 2 tests via Randox.

  1. Do those tests results have to be printed hardcopy?
  2. ? Also does the Passenger Locator form have to be printed hardcopy.

Apologies for specifics…I have seen the flowcharts but SF answers will hopefully give me full assurance and help me shift into ‘looking forward to going’ mode instead of fear of many checkpoint charlies!!

Phew, Many Thanks!

Ps.can we take Coffee, baked beans and any of our own lovely spuds?

No potatoes, you could be importing disease.
I think you need to have proof of your finances and also repatriation insurance.

make sure you have Travel Insurance as health bills can be enormous and, as @Jane_Williamson says, make sure it includes repatriation…

Last year, the cheapest ambulance-hire to get someone back to UK was £4,000

Thanks…proof of finances, we are just staying for 30 days, so is that all bank statements and savings then?
What a pain

“proof of sufficient funds”

I think some folk just wave a credit/debit card… and if you do have your recent bankstatement which shows a balance ie money is there… waiting to be spent… you should be ok.

Just wondering… do you have a French bank account ?? if so, transfer some money over and wave that French BStatement at whoever asks. Let’s face it, you’re going to be spending on something while you’re here so the money must be somewhere/hiding…

horrible having such uncertainties though… I do understand your nerves being a bit tweaked.

Thanks Sunbeam, yes tweaked thats one.way of putting it! Just checked and have all the full repatriation bit in place.
After 20 yrs of travelling back.and forward, all this leaves me with actual sadness and a sense of humanity going in the opposite direction that we need, all a bit deep maybe… but there you go!


So thanks so far … but re my other points, just wondering anyone reading that may know the specifics, perhaps anyone that has just arrived in France via ferry.

I travelled back to UK on 4 and returned 13 August. Roscoff to Plymouth and back. Security checked at Roscoff, boot and bonnet opened and checked. Passenger locator form (on tablet) checked. French official puzzled that my passport had no stamp. I had PCR test at Eurofins lab in Guingamp booked via Doctolib. Test 2 on Monday result 1230 Tuesday. Free with social security number. Only had to show passport at Plymouth then on my way no other checks. Coming back had printed sworn statement and printed pass sanitaire. These and passport checked. Security asked if I had knives, guns or drugs and looked in boot. Also mirror under car. At Roscoff passport control had big queues and took an hour. Lovely border guard checked my handful of paperwork, queried maiden name on pass sanitaire but was happy when I said it was my nom denaissance. I had taken other proof in case needed. He explained that my passport would have to be stamped until i had an actual CdS. My car was not checked and I didn’t have to take my chinchilla to customs. Maybe because it was 830 in Friday night? Hope this helps.

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Thank you sooo much for that, really thorough and helpful!
So it sounds like you live in France, we don’t, we are just visiting our little holiday home there, its actually our only owned property…so really important to us!
We are taking a big petrol hedge trimmer in box, well used. Got an email from Brit F saying this is ok as long as tank completely clean etc.

Thanks again.

I do sympathise, we are due to go to our holiday home on 11 September - one year since we were last there. I just hope things don’t change before then. Everything seems such a nightmare.

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Just one other thing - you do not NEED insurance - because the GHIC (former EHIC) card is acceptable.
But as someone said, it will not bring you back to the UK.

I travelled back via Eurostar on Saturday- passport and vax status were all they asked for or checked.

Is it not always best to have travel insurance?


goverment guidelines explain why you should take out travel insurance, even with the Health Card you could be left with large bills to pay…
You are only entitled to the same terms as French Nationals… and Health Care is definitely not free in France.


As I say you do not NEED it to get into France.
Of course, you should probably have it, yes, but the questioner was asking about paperwork etc that you need to show. My point was you do not need to show health insurance


I know you are needing this holiday… and I’m sure you are sensible enough to ensure that you do have the necessary level of Travel Insurance to suit your needs … and to give you peace of mind…

Happy crossing and happy holiday… :+1: :+1:

Thank you to everybody who replied, really helpgul all of it.
Since writingvwith request I have booked my Day 2 with Randox, payment went through but no confirmation email!! After spending an hour on phone waiting…I finally got the ref numbers but my blood pressure was doingbits thingbin the wait!!
Still never had the email…but eventually they did answer the phone.
That was £90 for 2 tests using Brit Ferries coupon.
I do have good holiday insurance in place too, years ago my husband was taken ill and spent 3 days in St Malo…hospital…we would nit have been able to pay that bill without it…lesson learned then!

Fingers crossed all will be well…and yes Sunbeam I need this break!!

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I really hope the break goes well - that’s a long time without seeing your property. Hopefully there will be no surprises that you don’t want :smiley:

It’s even better to wave your online banking app at them, as it will be up to date, whereas a printed statement proves nothing (apart from the fact you had some money in the account at the date of the statement).

That’s good. When I visited the Brittany website and followed the double vaccinated link for amber countries it showed me information about a day 2 and day 8 test. I sent emails to Brittany and Randox but see they accomplished nothing. I’m surprised you managed 2 tests for £90 with Randox, even with the promotion. The discount on Brittany’s website is <10%