Rebates on the costs of some improvements

This article outlines what works qualify… and how to go about things correctly.

When I had to have my central heating boiler replaced last year I asked for estimates from 4 heating speacialists. Only one of them was ’ RGE’ and his estimate was more than double than the others. So even with the ‘rebate’ he would have been more expensive !


Very, very good to have this info, Ann, I’m a fall-guy when it comes to dealing with situations like boiler repairs or builders, motor mechanics and the ilk. I have sucker written all over me, or so it sometimes seems. :thinking::confused:

I know what you mean Peter, some of these ‘experts’ can be so plausible. The specialist I finally gave the go ahead to ( actually a one man band) was the one who actually listened the most to my requirements, rather than trying to push the most expensive system because I was English and a woman !

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