Receiving a fax via orange livebox / windows 10

Hello Wise Ones…
I need to receive a fax to my computer. DVLA only faxes a CoE to change my UK drivers license for a french one.
Windows 10 has a fax programme - but I cannot test if the fax setting actually works.
Before I spend days trying to get hold of the DVLA I want to have my ‘ducks in a row’ and the fax problem solved.
Any advise? Has anyone used the windows 10 fax with an Orange Livebox?

Thanks in advance

Isn’t there an app called jfax or something that can receive and pretend to be a fax?

There a facility to get a fax on your phone…

at the bottom of the link there is a facility to download the App

Haven’t used it so can’t comment beyond providing the link/info.

Windows can send/receive faxes using a multifunction printer or (some?) online services but for a one off to receive a fax then a fax-to-email service as suggested above is probably your best bet.

Just Google “fax to email”.

Some reviews of services here: The Best Online Fax Services for 2021

Free services: here


Really??? That is insane!

its a requirement to exchange the UK license for a French one to have a Certificate of Entitlement. DVLA is swamped by requests. I sent my request for a copy by email at the beginning of July - still no post from the DVLA. Another option is to call or live chat, and they will sent a fax with your CoE. For me to spent a day on the phone, I need to have all my ducks in a row. i.e. a fax number, linked to email so I can get the faxed copy.
All very laborious.