Receiving lots of Messages from DGFIP

I believe that I completed my Declaration des Impots sur Revenue earlier this week, online.

Since then I have received 3 email reminders and just now an SMS reminder.

Is everyone else receiving these? It seems an excessive amount if email and SNS are being generated if the government is carpet-bombing everyone. I woukd gavevthought that only thise wuth outstanding returns would be targeted. By now that would be a small %ge of the population.
TBH, I don’t care what they do with electrons, my only concern is that I have missed something on my return, or there has been an error. I can’t see anything wrong in Mon Espace.

Send them an email asking if there’s a problem, maybe there is in fact some glitch somewhere.

I received both an email and an sms this morning. They were enough for me to check that I had sent my return. I had.

It’s a blanket email, I received the same one even though I did the return some while ago. Apparently at the beginning of the week 10 million people still hadn’t submitted a return so I guess the government is getting a bit concerned.

Did you not get a confirmatory email?

If not, you may not have completed the final steps.

yep… like you… I’ve got my “receipt” and not had anything else… so phew… perhaps I did do it right this year… :slight_smile:


Yes, I had a confirmation email. It isvthe chasers that I were worrying. It seems that others have also been receiving them. So, they are probably just a blanket email to everyone in those departements that must complete their returns this weekend.