Recent Exchange of UK Driving License for French?

Just an open question on behalf of a pal…
I’m presuming ANTS is working OK ??

Anyone any info to add, please ???

EDIT: the DL expires in October, so I’m told…

ANTS appears to be working OK.

Thanks to Kim Cranstoun and her Facebook group, I received my French driving licence a couple of weeks ago. Nearly one month prior to the expiry of my UK licence.


ANTS is functioning ok, with average turn-round for the soon to be expired licenses running at about 6 months.

So if they put their application in exactly 6 months before expiry, and did it correctly, all should be well. Nothing happens until you get the request to send in your old licence, which is a bit disturbing but normal.


When you do. make sure you scan it and have copies, just in case.

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I applied to exchange my UK licence at the end of January 22 and received my French replacement mid June 22.

As it took then over 6 months to process it, the 1 point infraction that caused me to exchange my licence expired before I received the new one.

ANTS worked perfectly throughout.


thanks to everyone for your replies… I’ll meet up with said chappie and check his DL and then we’ll take it from there.


Almost last question… :wink:

where/how did folk get the UK DL translated ???

@Mat_Davies how did you do this ??

I didn’t get mine translated, but it was changed for a French one.

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Hmmm. I might well be picking your brains… do you like orange cake??? :wink:


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Aha… I suppose you’d like orange cake too… ??? :wink:

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I don’t think I had to supply a translation of my UK plastic card…

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I’ve carefully re-read various pages and now noted that it’s one of those things which “might” be requested… so fingers crossed…

If fact the communication from ANTS tells you to do this and keep the copies with the attestation they supply.


Absolutely… I always say “take a copy”… much better to have too many copies than to lose a useful/valuable document…

and there’s me… who didn’t take a copy of my S1 a century ago… I was too new at all this stuff.
phew thank heaven’s I’ve never been asked for it (again)… even so… I strongly urge others to keep a copy of their S1…

I would say yes, but today I started a regime…again :wink: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
But I might want to pick your brain sometime soon, now that we have ‘lost’ Mark Rimmer.

Please don’t hope for too much… (but I always do the best I can…)

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No tranlsations needed for UK licences.

The thing to watch is NOT to tick the box “retraité” as this is only for people in receipt of specific FRENCH pensions.


thanks to everyone for replies and messages…

My pal has made his Application and received a message/whatever saying “it’s in the system”. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

From this point mine took 6 months