Recipe Exchange and Food "translations"

Having read all the answers on the “Things you would put on the removal lorry” discussion (which were mostly food items), it occurred to me that a recipe exchange might be of interest or use. I originally posted this suggestion in the general discussion forum (so no, you aren’t seeing double) and Catharine Higginson suggested I re-post it here.

We have (what feels like) thousands of visitors, along with their complicated dietary requirements, and I am always up for new ideas to feed them. I’ve got some excellent vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, etc recipes which are tried and tested so you don’t have to sweat it but can enjoy your guests’ company. And then seasonal recipes might be helpful too eg a fig chutney when the tree’s over-producing, or Seville marmalade, Christmas pudding (veggie Xmas pudd even!) etc. I’m happy to share if anyone’s interested.

Another thought provoked by the “What to put in the removal lorry” discussion was that it might also be useful to have a list for anyone trying to find French equivalent food products (farine a gateau = SR Flour, Vergeoise Brune = muscovado sugar, levure du boulanger = fast acting dry yeast).

I can see that there’s a lovely long list of recipes already posted in this group (hurrah!), what’s the protocol? Wait to be asked, or go ahead and share a good recipe?

PS I’m a brand new member in case you couldn’t guess!