Reckon I might have been hacked or!

A couple of days ago I noticed strange blog comments on my website. At first I thought it was just someone with poor english skills...

I checked the stats page and there were some odd "terms searched" and "referrals by" - one was a french mobile phone number. I've taken the site off-line, but I'm not really sure where to go from here.

Does anyone know whether it is worth reporting it to Orange (operator of mobile no) and what I should do now. (apart from go to bed as it is half 12!!).

Thanks guys!

Hi Sheila, yes I had allowed comments - I thought I had turned them off though, which was why I was surprised when I began to see the notifications. Good advice about contacting my host, thanks.

Do you allow comments on your website? If not, then sounds like you were hacked, and I would definitely contact whoever hosts your site.