Reclaiming Fabric - New for Old!

Does anyone re-use fabric?

As up-cycling and vintage seem to be the buzz words of the day,I am in the process of unpicking a huge pair of Laura Ashley "Grand Paisley" curtains in saffron.

This pattern, has to be my all time favourite and I made these curtains over 25 years ago - they are in excellent condition, and believe it or not, I have a second pair exactly the same!

My sister in law also had a pair, so even if I cut these up, I will still have a pair spare.

Please tell me that I am not the only person doing this........

What are you using your reclaimed fabric for??

Here is a photo of the finished piece of my rug using old materials and the Brown's tool. I intend to make pieces and sew them together to make a larger rug, the pieces depicting the animals in the house and on the land - so it could take a while. This is Bell the deaf white cat.![](upload://1FR4BeFkTpVi0KG4Sk0yu26b9pj.JPG)

I pick up kiddies clothes in the fripperies and am in the process of chopping them up to make a quilt - the fabrics are not so worn and there are often interesting buttons with them

The video was lovely and I can feel myself getting ready to weave again. Thank you and the size of her stash was amazing.

I have a very good quality long black skirt that is size 18 (I am a 10) bought from a charity shop and a white linen designer top that I have never worn so… I am going to unpick the skirt, re-size it and attach the top to the skirt to form a dress… I will post the result…

I know its dark and cold at the moment, but soon there will be a Vide Grenier on every corner - a real treasure trove for reclaiming fabric, zips, buckles, buttons, and who knows what else??

Oh I would love to do this!!! Where can I find a loom???Or a course or some one to show me?

It was Catharine who posted it up - you could look for her thread or her page, or look online?

Helen, I know you posted recently about the dates for Lidl's craft promotion and I can't find the details. Was it starting today?

Yes please Helen, when you have time that would be very helpful.

I have one, and rag strips are where it'sat - wool is to fine - even the chunky stuff - I can take photos of mine if you need any guidance Mavis?

I am collecting all our old clothes, curtains etc as I fancy making a peg loom rug once my husband has made the peg loom that is.

What a great idea, love it! I think I will be paying a visit to the nearest Emaus to me! Please post a photo when it`s finished.

No I do not the Brown's tool was purchased for me by a friend in the UK who runs classes and writes books on the subject of Contemporary Rugs (Annie Sherburne) but if you type Brown's tool into you will see them. I must say that Annie's book is very good and I am using it most of the time, simple to read and understand, good ideas etc., give it a look see on Amazon. If you want to do a rag rug you can also do prodding instead of hooking.

Patsie - do you have a link for the Brown's tool?

They make great ties for garden plants too!

One of our local group members does the same - she had a few lots of fabric, around 4 metres each for 1 euro!

Lots of nice quality too.

Even if there is no "fabric", Emmaus is a good place to look for garments to "upcycle"

I am cutting into just less than 1/2" strips any old Tshirts and jumpers to make a contemporary cushion front using a Brown's tool (a form of rug hooking). When I have time I will make a rug which I am spinning wool for.

I recently used a vintage French bed sheet to make bistro style aprons for a charity function - the middle was worn, so I used all the fabric around the edge - I now have 7 lovely white, long aprons!!

I unpicked some lovely pastel shade curtains and made buthchers aprons from them.......they are beautiful!