Reclaiming VAT in France on goods from the UK

Hi all

I have been told and read lots of things that I may reclaim VAT(TVA) on goods purchased for my business from the UK on my earnings in France.

I understand that I have until the end of September to claim for tax paid in 2013.

My question is please - How do I do it? I know it has to be entered on line, but where? My tax office can not help it appears so I am a little stuck. It is not a massive amount but i would rather it in my pocket.

Thank you in advance.



Thanks Derek. Unfortunately not claimed yet and didn’t get them tax free either. I will chase up my French accountant.

Thanks for the advice.

Regards Dave

Dave, OK, your company is French?? if it is, then you have a French TVA reference number... when you buy goods from any supplier in the EU, you quote this number and the supplies are VAT free all over the EU. You then have to inform the local tax office, on the return notice (my old company was on a monthly return) on (if I remember correctly, but then again, all I used to do was inform the accountant and I cannot even remember if she actually filled in the line)

section A, line 3B and fill in the amount on line 0040

If you do not quote the number, then its much more of a problem.... you'd have to complete an annual return (Cerfa 3310 cannot remember which version) and reclaim the taxes... but will probably have to make contact first with C&E in the UK, as it may well already be too late to reclaim UK VAT