Recoloured movie footage of Paris from1900

movie here

I’m not sure how to make this embed - it’s on giffycat.

Is it this one ??

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Is it just me, or is there something a bit weird about a few of the men’s beards?

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Yes, that’s it. Have you seen it before or was it a ‘lucky’ search?

I’ve seen similar, but not this particular one. It was a lucky search. :hugs:

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It’s probably the algorithm they use to colour the hair, it will be the same colour for all the hair beard or otherwise, I haven’t had time to watch it all but from what I have seen there are no blonde, grey etc coloured hair , it’s all a virtually identical dark brown colour.

The colourisation on this one is not that great, either that or Henry Ford got his ideas about choice of colour from contemporary men’s clothing.

I see the Périphérique was a mess evenback then. Plus ça changé…

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Re beards, I think we are used to only seeing older men with bushy “full sets” which are usually grey or greying. My own is very bushy and grey at the moment, but later this week after my hair and beard cut it will be back to shorter stubble and darker colour.

Here’s another similar/same video but with street sound effects added…

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