Recommend me a restaurant in Sarlat-la-Caneda?

Normally, we would have a haphazard wander around and choose a place on undefined, arbitrary parameters…
However, on Easter Saturday we are meeting up witg some friends. They are staying north of Bra tome and we live north of Carmaux (Tarn). Sarlat seems to be roughly halfway and unknown to any of us. Easter is the potential fly in the ointment, we don’t want to find that there are no tables free, anywhere.
We are not looking for a €100+/head gastronomic menu, nor the cheapest. Just a good quality, friendly place menus in the -€18 - €30 bracket. Oh, and dog friendly!
we went to this restaurant in 2011, it was fabulous, not overpriced and it still comes up in searches for best restaurants in Sarlat. It is opposite the cathedral.

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@Bron, thank you for the recommendation. We stuck a pin in a list and sent some emails. The first to reply, confirming that the dog is OK, got the booking :wink:

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It may be too late but I ate dinner at a great place called Le Presidiel - it was recommended by the B & B that I stayed at in the centre. I wrote a blog post about my stay in Sarlat - here is a link to it if you may fid it interesting. I loved Sarlat and will definitely go back

Martin… how did it all work out…

Can you tell us where you eat… and how it was… ???