Recommendation for a simple internet radio

Our PURE ONEFLOW internet radios keep dropping out, always it seems at the vital point in a programme.
Has anyone experience of an internet radio that they would recommend?

We use a mix of either our iPad’s or smart phones for internet radio connecting to a Bluetooth sound bar from Amazon France.
Works extremely well and the sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small device and for 30€ represents good value for money.


I like the old Revo Axis units but they’ve been out of production for years.

Mobile phone, Bluetooth speakers and the Radioplayer app?

Edit: Clearly Graham thinks the same :slight_smile:


That’s the thing that dedicated “Internet Radios” seem not to be.

Looking at the “top 5” as defined by What Hi-Fi - none really inspire at all and not one is less than £100

If you want a dedicated unit that doesn’t (quite) break the bank there’s the Pure Elan Connect (Amazon Link).


It seems to get decent feedback on Amazon UK

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In the end, it’s horses for courses and whether you want something that acts independently of another device I guess.

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That is the idea. We just have them by our beds.

I haven’t got a smartphone.

but IIRC you have an iPad… same meat, different gravy :wink:

It’s much easier to change the channel on the radio.

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Got a Pure Elan IR3 Portable on bedside table…good value for voice reproduction, about £75 bought in 2020 on Amazon UK…not sure what it would be under new regs.
Or if you are feeling flush then top of range for excellent music quality go for a Roberts Stream94i DAB+/DAB/FM Internet Radio with Spotify Connect and Bluetooth . Elan good for voice and talk but for music reproduction for streamed or online then Robert’s is brill,
But any Internet radio stability is always at the behest of speed and connection…never as stable as DAB or FM

We have a Pure Elan radio (bought in France) and it drops in and out because our bandwidth is so rubbish. We took it on holiday with us and it worked fine.

So may not be the radio…

IIRC @Jane_Williamson does (or did) have problems with her internet from Orange

We have the sim if there is a problem with Orange.
It wasn’t just a simple fault with Orange but a major breakdown involving 13 houses.

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Jim tells me that he did a check with the radio against the I Pad and the radio dropped out and the I Pad stayed up.

I have two Roberts Stream94i and they are superb. Wonderful sound and build quality. Nice looking too. We listen to Radio Paradise much of the day. They aren’t the cheapest but I think they will last us out.

I second that, it’s our main radio in the kitchen/living room.
Occasionally drops out for a minute or so but that is internet indigestion not the radio.
Not the most intuitive set of controls, but it’s worth the investment, we also have the battery pack extra which makes it easily portable.

Ipads seem to be good t making the most of feeble wifi signals. Mine will function when OH’s laptop has ground to a halt. I would check it further before you spend money on a new radio, which may have exactly the same problem if it is your bandwidth.

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It is strange, as one radio can continue playing whilst the other carries on working.
They are about 10 years old.

It will be due to things like how each set does buffering rather than just the signal. Similar to watching films on a computer