Recommendations anyone?

Can anyone recommend a pool specialist in the 17/16/33 boundary area (Barbezieux-Jonzac-Mirambeau-Pons area) ?

I need a second filter installed; sand replaced in the existing one; a heat pump checked out; the edging stones around the pool edge need re-seating; and thanks to our weather and soil movement one of the skimmers seems to have dropped, and probably linked to this we seem to have a leak from two if not three of the four skimmers. I’m guessing an underground pipe to the pool room has burst

I’d like, if possible. recommendations based on personal experience

Why do you need the sand replacing? If you are fitting a second filter and going through the process why not fit Dryden Aqua’s AFM ng media, far superior to sand, filters much much finer, doesnt biofilm or channel. Removes far more contamination per circulation and backwashes better than sand.
Sorry to hear of the other problems what is the backfill material around the skimmers, original spoil of self compacting gravel?. Sadly this does happen but the backfill material can help to alleviate the issue quite a bit.


There should be two filters, but one is now requiring to be replaced (leaking) - sand because that what’s there already and no-one around here seems to sell anything other than sand.
I’ve no idea what is around the pool - it is surrounded by quite a depth of paving - but I’d guess it’s clay.
And from the skimmers to the poolroom is maybe 50ft or more, and all underground (and under the paving)

Yes with 50 ft burried under terrace you need to be sure thats the problem or not. You can order AFM on line with free delivery. Or your original sand can be cleaned, it doesnt wear out in filters as its stationary for most of its life except for backwashing.

National company for leak detection.

I can’t see how the leak could be anything else. We loose water to the bottom of the skimmers. Blocked each one in turn and found with two blocked there was no leak.
No leak anyway in the pool room
And the leak comes after the skimmers seemed to have suffered from “subsidence “ as has that corner of the pool

Its not an unusual issue. Hopefully its the connection under the skimmers which is a common failure point as skimmers are fixed to the pool but the plumbing isnt so any ground movement and we have a potential failure. The leak derection guys if needed can use a hydrophone to listen to a leak and pin point its position saving a lot of digging.
Using self compacting pea gravel etc as backfill often helps as some movement can be taken up.
Good luck with the work and please keep me posted.

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