Recommendations for a van or car with trailer

We are starting a long renovation near Libourne and will need a vehicle to support this. Large jobs will be done by professionals but the early stages will be done by us. The property although in the country is accessible to brico warehouses . We are expecting to spend a long time developing the site so will need a tough workhorse. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

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Thank you for your response. We will take a look when we are next down there. Still to decide whether to go down the car route as wondering how much waste we will need to move and if a trailer would take a greater weight.

We were doing up to 4 trips to the tip each day, the number of trips is now limited but a car + trailer counts as one trip so many locals turn up with a trailer.

Using skips is very expensive indeed hence the number of tip trips.

This place sells new & 2nd hand trailers:

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Thank you for the info on skips which is very useful. From what you are saying a car and trailer may be the best option. Do you have a rough estimate of the cost of skips, I assume that the price might be flexible depending on where you are.

I have just been advised not to bother with skips - they also want all of the same type material in the skip - ie soil or plasterboard or brick but not mixed.

I am surprised by this but really helpful to know. Thank you very much

Libourne is a lovely spot… good luck with your renovation.

I think you’ll find that most (if not all) Décheteries/recycling centres… are needing stuff to be sorted.
Things have moved on from the “bad old days” of just tipping a mixture of heaven knows what…

Excellent market on a Sunday!

I’ll be selling our 2017 Peugeot Expert automatic van in the coming months as we’re moving so won’t need it anymore.
It’s a UK spec RHD van that we brought over from the UK in 2018 (so the SatNav etc is all in English :slight_smile:
Peugeot Expert Professional + Standard EAT6
Expert 1250 2.0 BlueHdi 180 Professional Plus Van EAT6
3 seats upfront, remote electric sliding doors both sides and rear tail gate.
Amber red
CritAir 2
Low mileage
Now on French plates

PM me if you (or anyone else) is interested.


I am sure someone else has mentioned this - but you will have to remember that trailers over a certain size have to be covered by your driving license parameters also the size of the vehicle that is pulling it. You have to think of what you are pulling it with - can the loads on the trailers be either pulled or stopped by the vehicle pulling it. We wouldn’t get a separate van; it is just a waste of extra expenses and repair bills when a decent car is perfect. We have a really sturdy Professional grade built trailer - Lider - (which is separately registered) for carting every thing around in and a horse trailer which can provide cover/storage and easy ramps to load… For example a load of plasterboard has been collected in the horse trailer this week and we have left it in there for the builders to take it out to use immediately. The alternative is to cover from the rain on the way back from the Brico then move into the barn then move into the house. We just have a four wheel drive Volvo which can take the loads. Incidentally, the horsebox has paid for itself multiple times. We have used it for moving house; sleeping in; moving plants; collecting heavy furniture etc etc.

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Wow I can really see the advantage of going down this route. I think this may be the answer we didn’t realise we needed. Thank you very much, now have to put it to the others but it makes perfect sense to me. We won’t be sleeping in it but I can see us putting these vehicles together.