Recommendations for Ethernet Plugs with Fibre Please

Just had Orange connect us up to fibre and my computer is plugged directly into the back of the livebox and I’m getting a stonking 390mb download and even faster upload.
On a good day before this - which wasn’t often - we were lucky to get 3mb! So this is a whole new world for us.
OH’s office is next door and at present his computer is plugged into the electric socket ethernet plug. He is “only” getting 40-odd mbs. Obviously much better than before, but he’s feeling a bit envious and looking, if possible, to get much closer to my 390mb.
Does anyone have any suggestions / experience of setting up a home ethernet with fibre, and if so, what would you recommend please? More powerful plugs look quite pricy so it would be good to have a recommendation. Thanks.

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I would look at normal Cat6 wiring either direct to the Orange router or via a 5 or 8 port switch. This will cope with up to 1000 Mbps.


Another option is to use a higher spec powerline adapter such as TP-Link TL-PA717 KIT 1-Port Gigabit Powerline - this will provide the required speed - however, if you can run the ethernet cables as Matt suggests, it’s going to be more flexible for future proofing and is the way I’d go.


Thanks for the suggestions @Mat_Davies @ykm71 - much appreciated. This means more to OH than to me!

Google directed me to a UK website. In view of the current tariff / VAT chaos, are these available in France?

@spj yes

and this is a gigabit data switch from amazon of the type we have

The do a white plastic one too with 8 ports… same performance.


You can network the house with fibre optics but the needed kit isn’t cheap.

40Mbps from the Powerline stuff suggests either very old kit or (more likely) that the two adapters are on different circuits from the tableau - in which case upgrading the kit might not make much difference.

Depending on your property WiFi might be a better solution, modern kit is very good.

Just how close do you mean? Next room or next door as in the next building?

Why did you get a PoE enabled adapter, most people won’t need one…

Without PoE they are much cheaper


sorry @ptf in my haste I copied the wrong link.
This is the one we have

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@ptf & @Graham_Lees - a switch may not be needed at all perhaps just an inexpensive patch lead.

That would depend on the number of RJ45s on the router of course. I’m not familiar with the fibre box.

Thanks very much everyone. I’ve sent a link to this thread to OH, since most of this is gobbledygook to me!

@Mat_Davies He’s in the next room.

If you can get a cable through to the next room then one of these will sort the problem:

Just a 10m Cat6 patch lead. (if more or less than 10m is needed adjust accordingly!) there will be other leads available probably for less!

Thanks Mat - those I recognise! We have loads. Not so keen on the trailing wires though if possible. :thinking:

Thanks for the links Graham. I don’t know why but the company’s own website implied they had no distribution in France and directed me to Amazon uk

You probably have an Orange Livebox 5.
If so it has 4 ethernet ports at the rear.
The Livebox should act as a simple switch, so you should only need a Cat5e or Cat6 cable to run between the Livebox and your OH’s device.

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That is what a drill is for! Before you know it that wall will be down and you will have one big shared office! And a lot of mess to clear up - so perhaps not.

Oh NO!!! Never!!!

But then there’s the smart TV right the other end of our 350-year old house.

This was why the ethernet plugs worked so well under the old system - no extra trailing wires - just the nearest power socket.