Recommendations for food processor

Hi all. We are limping along with a Philips Comfort HR7605 food processor, which was provided by our landlord and is absolutely useless. I would love to hear some suggestions as to what we should buy.

We want something that can make breadcrumbs, pastry, chop/mince beef and chicken, along with the usual slicing & grating discs.

Thanks in advance.


I can't recommend my Magimix highly enough.

It is so useful and will do all the things you want. You can also liquidise in it, as long as you are careful and don't overfill it.

I know they are expensive, but they are very robust and last for such a long time. The one I have now is in it's 20th year.

Cant agree more Kitchen Aid not maybe the cheapest on the market but it will last a life time and with all the attachments it does just about everything anyone could want

Magimix. My wife wouldn't be without it. We've had ours for years and it still works perfectly and does everything she wants. Get the best you can afford but we'd recommend the System Cuisine 4200 XL as a minimum. Don't know how much it costs but easy to find on the web.

The Vita-Mix won't do everything you listed either

Thanks James. Well, it might be worth spending a few bob, because it will be with us for however long we are here in France! But I think €500 would stretch the budget.

I have a Kitchen Aid that does all of that, if you have the appropriate attachments.

Don't buy the heavy duty model though, get the artisan range, they have a much longer warranty

They are expensive though, I noticed a while back that Philips had launched a range which has a super long warranty, may be worth a look.

I also use a Vita-Mix blender which is amazing, but they are about 500 quid! Helen AH might have some better ideas.