Recommendations for internet on the move

Hi all,

I did a search and there are some postings on this subject but all quite old and as the mobile phone market moves on a-pace I thought I would seek some up-to-date thoughts.

I seem to have an inordinate number of mobile phones and numbers (three in fact) but two are UK numbers and my French number is cheap PAYG from LeFrenchMobile. The phones themselves are dinosaurs - no wifi, no camera etc!

Now I have set up my AE business I need to be able to access email whilst out and about. I don't want to keep checking the laptop every hour or so to see if there are any emails that need action. My conclusion is that I am going to have to get another mobile phone - possibly a smartphone. I don't download video or watch films on a phone so not interested in 4G, but not averse to a contract.

The three handsets I have got are all old and unsuitable. I really favour Blackberry as this is what I was used to when working in UK, but I don't want an "azerty" keyboard, so possibly it will have to be a smartphone. It is unlikely this new device would be used for calls or texts, we rarely ring anyone. I don't think that receiving email would use much capacity, but I am not sure. If the device had wifi it could use our house sat broadband network whilst it was inside, it is just how to receive email whilst out and about that I am trying to research. In the UK it would be possible to get the handset free as part of a contract and 3G for about fifteen quid a month or less, it seems more complicated here.

Has anyone been in this position recently - what is the answer?