Recommendations for savings accounts in France

Hello all. We have recently sold a house in France and have some spare cash to invest. We are at present with Credit Agricole where the English speaking service has been very disappointing. Does anyone know a bank with a good English speaking facility who can advise us what options are available.

Many thanks

Sounds like you have a great service. We can’t get our English speaking contact at CA to answer our emails and when he does he doesn’t address all the questions asked. It feels like they are not interested in us even though we have a substantial amount to invest with them. Very frustrating. You’re very lucky! Thanks for the reply.

Personally I find the Credit Agricole via the branches great - normally someone will speak some English - indeed up here in Manche we have the Sourdeval branch that has a British manager and lots of branches with an Englsh speaker. My own conseilliere has even in her time come to me in her lunch break to bring me money (bank card lost in the post, no means to withdraw without walking 5 km to bank) she also sorted out my mutuelle within 24 hrs via email and drove out to me so I could sign and have it in place for an ORL rdv for my son that afternoon .

Hi Bryan
Thanks for the info. Will give it a go