Recommendations Sought: Someone to advise on setting up a new business

We are wanting to create a business venture here, creating a micro-brasserie to support the two of us.

We need to create a registered business and I am seeking someone that can provide advice about the different types of enterprise. I want to understand the consequences of the possible types, to ensure that we do not choose a form that creates problems, or excessive charges, later. Likewise, we do want to avoid a particular type of enterprise if the reason for doing so is not relevant to us.
I would also like to find someone that can help us through the process of registering the business. Help with registering with the Douanes would be really useful too, but that may be asking too much. That part seems relatively straightforward, the SNBI (Societe Nationale des Brasseurs Indpendent) can likely help with that anyway, once we have the registered business and KBIS.

I am asking for recommendations, if anyone has any experiences or knows of anyone that does this for a living? Aveyron or Tarn woud be great, nothing like metting someone face to face to discuss things, and to draw pictures to clarify finer nuances if needed.

I did see mention of the website on here, for example. Has anyone used them? They want EUR100 up front for a year of answering questions online…

I suggest you start by going to your local Chambre de Commerce, it’s what they’re there for. Their trained business advisors can help you through the whole process.

Valérie who runs startbusinessinfrance is absolutely excellent but she does specialise in advising on micro entreprise, which wouldn’t be suitable for your business.

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Thank you Anna. Will the Chambre de Commerce be able to advise whether an SAS woudl be better than a SARL ( for example), or just advise and help us to register one, or the other?

Sorry if it seems that the obvious answer is to go and ask them, the office is over an hours drive away. It is easier to gather as much information as possible before contacting them. It is also more comforting, I have not been through the process of creating a new company/business/enterprise in any country, this is all new territory for me.

That is interesting, in an exchange of mails about what startbusinessinfrance has to offer I was told that she could definitely advise us. What is about this business description that means she can’t help?

Yes Martin, I think your best bet is to talk directly to existing small brasseries…
The ones I know are very helpful.

Yes of course, that’s a very major part of setting up a business.
It’s been a while since I had dealings with the CdC but unless things have changed, you’ll find that they do a very thorough job and advise you on questions it would have occurred to you to ask. France has/used to have a blueprint for the process of setting up a new business, starting with market research, feasibility studies, etc etc etc, through to handholding through the first years if you want it. It’s what they do.

If you’re a long way from your CdC you may find that they have an advisor who comes to your commune to hold surgeries once a week or once a month or something, it’s worth asking at your Communauté des Communes or at the Mairie.

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OK, I just checked her website and it does look like she has expanded her areas of expertise. She did used to specialise in micro entreprise, and in the past I’ve seen folk on forums report that Valérie declined to advise them because they were outside her area of expertise. But either way she is totally trustworthy and if you pay your 100€ and she decides she’s not confident in advising you, she will refund it. So no reason not to pursue that route if you want.