Recommended English Speaking Doctor and Dentist in and around Roumazières-Loubert, Charente

could anyone please recommend and English speaking doctor and dentist in and around Roumazières-Loubert, Charente? Say within 45 minutes drive from Roumazières.



@22pilgrim Don’t know about dentists but we use Dr Denis Perrault at Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure who speaks very good English.
He’s generally mega-busy but you might be able to get on his books. His telephone number is 05 45 39 51 05

BTW, his secretary speaks no English bur Dr Perrault usually answers the phone himself in the afternoons :wink:

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@22pilgrim Did you have any success?

Hello Graham,
thanks for the suggestion - I may well end up giving him a try.

After quite a bit of research, I’ve come up with a couple of lists provided by the American consulates of English speaking doctors, Unfortunately none seem to be close to me.

I’ve tried to attached these as someone else might find them of use.

english speaking doctors in the paris, bordeaux, lille, lyon regions.pdf (424.4 KB)
Medical facilities in the US consulate area of marseille.pdf (175.1 KB)