Recommended satellite Internet?

Since moving house in December I have had real problems with Orange ADSL. I run an online business and Internet is really important, not necessarily speedy but reliable.

I’ve just had 10 days of very slow internet, 0.2Mbs on average. There has been numerous problems in the area for the last 6 months and I’m just getting seriously hacked off I am paying for a service I’m not getting.

I am considering using satellite, for Internet, TV and phone and have looked online at a few options.

My mum is with Nordnet as is my ex and reliability is fairly good but I know mum is not happy with the speed.

Does anyone have any recommendations? And does anyone ever get 22Mbs as advertised by most now?

Thanks :slight_smile:

having lost all UK tv we are looking at satellite broadband as Orange speed is only .5g on a good day. We watch UK tv via a vpn or FilmOn which works quite well. The question is who to go for and do we say goodbye to Orange and Livebox thereby making the saving for the satellite? Here's a few I'm considering:

Anyone have experience with these services?

I'm not very rural, I'm in the centre of a village of about 600 people, but the service I'm getting from Orange is awful... although since starting the search for an alternative it's been ok, typically!

Agree Ian - we use Tooway after I saw Jame's recommendation and have one of the lovely unlimited contracts. I am extremely happy as I can now stream pretty much everything I want to watch on TV and have had no problems even during a massive electrical storm (except for when all my power got zapped).

Also agree about the VOIP sometimes that is flakey but I tend not to use the phone much anyway - its a bonus extra.

Highly recommend Tooway.

Had a look at Europasat and even though it seems good for Internet, it's quite pricey compared to others I have been looking at. I am also looking for a company that can provide all three services... this is what I was looking at the other day:

They have a good deal on at the moment until the end of the month, I really can't afford much more than I am paying each month for Orange which is about €40.

Thanks for all the replies, I think I must have turned off my email notifications as I assumed no-one had replied.

I have been looking at Tooway, will check out the link Valerie, thanks.

I don't even get a mobile phone signal in my house, so even a nice 3G signal would be better than what Orange are providing me at the moment. They can never understand why I ring them from the middle of my field when I have a problem, I wish I hadn't moved, and next time I will be making sure the Internet is good.

See above. Check out Tooway.

We bought through Avonline Broadband in the UK, which is resold in France through UK Telecom (so we have been told). Going direct is cheaper.


I too am totally fed up with Orange: I have lost 3 cordless telephones during storms, the fault is either the telephone line or EDF, yet one blames the other and neither will investigate further! My neighbours have lost one phone and two liveboxes, and someone a bit further away has lost phone line, yet Orange will not turn out. I want to scrub my phone line and my e-tera Kiwi, saving around €57 so could afford a 4star mobile package.

I am looking for an alternative solution, would a 3G mobile package with a big data allowance allow me to use a dongle on my computer and could I also set up a wifi system to feed all other devices (kindles, other phone) ? I know the words but the practicalities are beyond me, help!

Surprised about the negative comments.

We installed Tooway 18 months ago, as there is no ADSL where we are, and have been really impressed.
In all that time it has only gone down once, for about an hour, during a very violent electrical storm.

My only criticism with satellite, is with the VOIP phone, which we also have, and this frequently suffers from lag during the calls. Though, as the call is being sent 22000 miles up to the satellite, then the same down to the base station in Italy, then routed to the end number, a lag of half to one second in hardly surprising!

We bought ours through a UK company. They have an installer network in France, and any issues, you have an English person to talk to.

In my opinion, well worth considering.

Most people seem to be going in for Tooway. A Dutch friend who uses it for work finds it patchy though and often uses his plodding Orange service instead. It is a no win situation. Anyway, have a look at the link Val has put up and you'll learn more.

Hi Jo, have a look at this - it might give you some ideas.