Recos for back up battery

My head is spinning with trying to find a back up battery to use for my phone and gps. Ideally I want a battery that I can charge quickly and one that can also charge my equipment quickly with usb c.

Any recos gratefully received😁

Anker is a very good brand - pick the size that suits you.

I have smallish ones (about 5000-8000 mAh) which will go in a pocket with my phone, and a chunky one (model 737, 24,000 mAh) which I use if I need to run my MacBook Air off the mains all day (e.g. on a stand at a trade show).

Pocket sized one:

Big beast:

Look for one that complies with the “PD” (power delivery) standard for fast charging ability.


Wow that was quick @ChrisMann :+1::+1: and thanks alot for the recos. I’ll take a look more deeply tmrw :+1::+1::+1:

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Aldi have a 10,000 ma in the glass storage case where the better stuff is stored.


Haven’t used anything else since Anker began - I think it was their first product. Anker website or Amazon. Not worth hanging around for a discount.

If you want something to get started then has 10K m Ah and 20K m Ah extremely reasonable, ok guarantee. A 10K m Ah was so discounted in a Lidl shop about 3 years ago I actually bought it though my goto is Anker.

I take the Lidl one out on my bike so if I fall off I’m not risking my Anker. It’s thin, light and does not lose charge it seems, no matter how long I carry it around without needing it or charging it.

if you’re carrying it around think carefully before getting anything bigger than 10K m Ah as 20K m Ah is clunkier. If I still needed 20K m Ah I’d carry it as 2 x 10K m Ah’s for flexibility despite the fact it costs overall higher than a single 20K m Ah (I’ve had both and 20K m Ah is a relative pain in a handbag).

Try to get one that charges via USB C but handy to still have the older USB-out as well as, ideally, 2 USB C out. You could carry a lightweight hub (Anker, again, the choice will make your head spin but do choose carefully) if you might need more/ other stuff, some of the hubs have interesting connections (eg 4K/8K or HDMI like the 565 Hub) you just might find handy.

I can’t remember if I’ve got around to getting it or not, I think it’s somewhere, but the latest 1 or 2 Ankers are just man enough to charge my 90W laptop (check carefully as there is sometimes a 15% Wattage loss on output compared to the rating, or something). Also check output strengths on each port of a hub as they can differ, or have PD (as suggested by Chris - now seen his posts - or the other fast charging protocol(name I forget). Having one man enough to run or charge my laptop, saves me the unreliability of outlets on planes and trains.

Powerful backup batteries will normally be fine with intelligent smaller devices that don’t need the maximum output. But it’s a lot less convenient to discover your backup isn’t powerful enough to charge the device you need it to. So I’ve alwaya bought for the greediest device… that way everything is covered.

If you get a choice pick USB4 (though very few devices have it yet, Anker has a couple). Otherwise USB3 if you possibly can. Better futureproofing, these later USB’s also orders of magnitude faster.

Did you mean 10K mAh (10,000 mAh), as 10 mAh is a very tiny capacity?

Yeah you’re right I’ll correct it Chris. Getting mixed up as I am currently intently watching Lidl 8 m Ah batteries for power tools.

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@ChrisMann well after diving down that rabbit hole, finally plunged in and ordered the same model as your ‘beast’ but the 20,000 mah model. Apparently recharges in 1hr 10mins which is incredible! Will be very handy when out and about, so thanks alot for the reco :+1: Now looking at the wireless docking station charger for it​:+1::+1:

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Enjoy the Mini-Beast! :smiley:

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