Recovering stolen money from person who has left France

I paid cash (2,700 euros) in good faith to a registered builder recommended by a friend.

Shortly before he was due to start the work he disappeared.

He is now living in another part of the EU.

Is it possible to use European Small Claims Procedure to recover the money, and has anybody had experience of doing so?

Gosh, what rotten luck.

Do you have any sort of receipt for the cash… ie something to prove your claim… ???

Yes, I have receipts. I believe I am not the only one owed money by this person.


Thank you for the link. Not sure whether that would work. He was a one-man operation here, and I know he is working in another EU country now, but not whether he is working there legally. I suspect he’s operating in the shadows and may not even have a bank account there.

Was he registered here? Was he a legit trader? You might be able to catch up with him in that case.