Recycled plastic panels for a shower?

(Virginia Holland) #1

Does anyone know who makes these recyled plastic panels in France.
I would rather use these panels in my shower than tiles but I have no idea where to look for them?

Help please. They are quite expensive in the UK plus the added expense of bringing them to France.

(Virginia Holland) #2

Hi David

Many thanks I will check them out.


(David GAY) #3

they seem to be quite widely available

(Virginia Holland) #4

Thanks. That would be great if you con find it??

(John Withall) #5

If I can find the information I had on wall panels (no MDF) I will let you have it. They are available in france just can't remember the name at the moment.

(Virginia Holland) #6

Well no, although I thought that would put them to good use! I don't want the MDF covered in PVC!

Any ideas?

(John Withall) #7

Must they be recycled?