Recycled scaffold timber wall

As I like to make things from cheap or free materials I recently had the idea of reusing a bunch of old scaffold boards which were past their best. Here’s what I did.

As you can see these boards are split in places and no longer any good as scaffolding boards.

I should have let them dry inside for longer than I did as they shrank slightly after a few days and I had to reposition them.

First built the timber studding that will hold the boards.

Measuring the exact lengths, I cut them all to size on the chop saw.

Next I trimmed a little of the side of each to make a nice straight edge.

Sanding them with 60 grit paper on the belt sander.

All sized and ready to go, at this point I gave them a good soaking with anti-termite treatment.![](upload://eoFZC1ZFqu6Yrq5C7MFDmnpogua.jpg)Screwing them into place from behind meant there were no visible screw holes on the front side, each board got 8 90mm screws.

Working from the bottom up made them easier to install as I could place one on top of the other whilst screwing the in place.

Finally I gave the whole thing another soaking with the anti termite spray.

And that's it! What do you think?
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This is a project that I have under way. It's a camping pod that slides in /out of my trailer. Still a way to go yet but when it's done I'm hoping to use it to explore more of France (not into pitching tents) and visit SFN'rs.![](upload://5QAm4knf2xC0KlhxtHYHY4sJVBd.JPG)

Whenever I strip or sand something I am loathe to paint it! I've just stripped a nice lamp I bought, I was going to spray it black, it may even look better sprayed black, but as its stainless steel, brass and aluminium I can't do it!

I like it, James. Pleased you have not covered it (in Farrell and Ball?)

Up cycling at it's best - brilliant. Our garden table is made from them - and painted with our wonderful Annie Sloan paint! (well it would have to be really!)

No Doron, that just the table saw in use, sounds like a good idea though!

Fantastic! Is that a belt sander on your Combo?

Thanks Jane!

I think it's beautiful!