RED by SFR.. Boost appels illimités

In charming language they inform me that they are allowing me to benefit automatically from a new facility…(lucky me)…and the increased charge for this facility will be included in my next bill… I need do nothing…

I nearly chucked the letter in the bin… so glad I read the small print on the bottom… spent ages last night trying to get myself “out” of this wonderful new facility…:confounded:

and the RED forum is awash with similarly angry folk…

Any of you received this ???

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sfr are also forcing new tv channels onto our box…only 5euros extra per month but almost impossible to find out how to refuse it. Tanatmount to blackmail

Aha… so there IS someone else who uses SFR…

I have learnt how to refuse these mobile extras… except that every time I click the correct button… it goes to a page which says “erreur” and “please try again later” sort of thingy…

SFR keep the Refuse bit well hidden, as if they do not want folk to be able to refuse… very annoying.

I have sent them a message via their FB Page… but, no reply as yet… :angry:

My previous life was leading customer service online for our uk telecoms giant. So I have an understanding of complex back end systems. I have had nightmares from SFR since I got called and asked if I wanted a box! They are double charging and cutting us off every 2 months for not paying the old bill even though they are overcharging us by €25 a month by prelevement for a service they sold but could never provide in our location. Impossible to speak to a billing agent. Explained dozens of times. Even rang and asked them not to cut us off! With Papa in his eighties we absolutely need the land line and look we have paid but still cut off! Tempted to charge them for the 20 plus hours I’ve wasted at my old rate!

Change providers - wouldn’t that be the solution ? and don’t forget to bill SFR :slight_smile: Why not ?

Also had this for my mobile phone, have tried to refuse it, but no luck yet, any suggestions or anyone been successful?

Found this on the RED SFR forum…posted on 10th August this year…

Bonjour à tous et à toute,
Voici comment résilier l’option imposée par SFR nommée “Boost 50Go”.

Etape 1 : Se connecter sur son espace client Red SFR :

Etape 2 : Se rendre dans l’espace “Offre& Mobile” puis cliquer tout en bas sur le bouton “Ajouter des options”

Etape 3 : Lorsque vous êtes sur la page “Choisir de nouvelles options” cliquer sur “Voir toutes les options”

Etape 4 : Chercher l’option nommée “Refus avantage exclusif Boost”, elle se trouve tout en bas.

Etape 5 : Cliquer sur le bouton “Souscrire” puis “Confirmer”

I eventually found where to click… and went looking for the option I wanted to unsubscribe for…phew… what a palaver

Something similar might work for those wanting to opt out of TV bits and bobs…

I’ve just received an email confirming that I have refused the offer… so heaven help them if they put the charge on my bill… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

try following the instructions I posted… or else go on their FB Page and message them…

Thank you for the instructions Stella, which I have followed to the letter and am now hopefully awaiting a txt or email confirming my refusal of the offer as well!
I think it was really bad of SFR to do this , perhaps it is time to change provider now!


actually Debbie… we have found that SFR is the one mobile that works almost everywhere.

When we first came to France… can’t remember who we were with, but the cover was naff…never able to get it indoors… had to go into the centre of the village…how daft is that?? … and we often hear friends and neighbours complaining about the bad-reception for their own mobiles…

so, despite their stupidity… which has infuriated us and so many of their clients… we shall stay with SFR. Our mobile is really only for emergency use but, if we need to use it… it needs to work… and SFR seems to fit that bill. :wink:

You are right in what you say about SFR, the coverage does seem to be good in most areas, although my son uses Orange and my daughter Free. My mobile is for emergency use only as well and for my son and daughter to contact me.

Thanks again for your instructions yesterday and I have just received a txt to confirm my refusal to the offer!

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ha ha Debbie… my daughter complains that she can never contact me 'cos my mobile is always switched off…of course it is… I reply… it’s only for when/if the car breaks down… she is not amused.

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Hmmmm… I never recalled getting this offer and I’ve been with SFR since Aug. 2012! I followed the above direction just wanted to see if the offer was there waiting for me but couldn’t find it amongst available offers. Does that mean I am lucky for not getting the unsolicited offer?
I was with Orange for almost two years and Free also almost two years and amongst those 3 players, I found that SFR was the least annoying. However, ONLY a year after being with them though that the customer service (on the phone) and at the store are ALWAYS friendly, professional and very helpful. Well, sometimes I fell on someone who didn’t know what they were doing so they would tell me that he/she had to hang up to do a “manipulation” to fix the problem and would call me back They don’t always call back as promised so I had to call back and somebody else would answer the phone and I had to start over explaining the situation. I suppose, for the most part, they are the “BEST” operator in France that I had ever come across. (I just have to stop comparing customer service system in France and in America to alleviate me from heartburn, constipation, and headaches) :slight_smile:


Hi there…we’ve been with SFR for 15 years more or less… we changed to them after we found their coverage better than our previous provider.

The letter they sent to me was dated 11 août 2017 … but I see from the SFR forum… that other folk were complaining earlier in the month…so obviously letters are being sent out over a period. One person reckoned they had received an email…another received a text… but I have refused to receive paperless info…

Votre Forfait Évolue, Profitez désormais des appels illimités… is how the letter starts off… and the onus is on the customer to opt-out…

It says the charge will be applied with the next bill (if you do not opt out)… and that would be in September… might be worth checking your September bill to ensure that you are not paying…

Other offers we have had to opt out in previous years… are SFR Presse Accès, Presse 1, Presse 2. (another 4.99 they wanted to charge each month)

I must say that the SFR Customer Service at Auchan is absolutely fantastic… helped sort out my chip into a new phone… spent about 20 minutes going through everything with me… . considering I had bought the phone elsewhere… I was expecting to pay something… but no, all part of Customer Service he smilingly told me… :heart_eyes:

Thank you for the warning! I’ll keep an eye on the Sept. bill

Stella, we had a letter (from Numericable, part of SFR) adding unsolicited TV channels, and like you I actually read it for once! I sent them an email telling them we didn’t want it and asking them to confirm we wouldn’t be charged, only for a salesman to ring me back to encourage me to have it. I responded firmly that if he pushed any harder we’d change service provider and he backed off and confirmed we wouldn’t pay. UK consumer law would prohibit this, but I guess French law allows it. I have an SFR Sim card in a phone, but haven’t had a similar notification for this, so will watch the bill carefully and tackle the local SFR shop if any extra charges are imposed. Thanks for raising this!