Red Love Festival

I can’t believe, in the 21th century, bullying of children with “red hair” is still common !

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How odd… I have known redheads all my life… always some in every class at school… and beyond… and never known them to be bullied… but perhaps this is a French thing ???

Relentless bullying of kids with red hair in my school days. Horrendous. I did go to school in Essex though!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now then Mandy… .my earliest school days were in Essex… there was a school bully… she bullied me and I don’t have red hair… :wink:

“Les roux puent”, this is one of them (gingerhaired stink) :roll_eyes:

Once went out with a girl with long ginger hair down to her…sorry, I digress😉


I use to color my hair with henna, I think that is a beautifull color ! My daughter boyfriend is ginger hair, and she doesn’t complain about it too :wink: But she told me how hard for him it was when he was a kid at school.

I was bullied at school as well. For the whole 5 years of secondary school. It was terrible. The school did very little but did allow me to stop doing PE where most of the physical attacks took place. I just got used to the name-calling. My crime was wanting to work hard and succeed at school :unamused:

I’m sure there are wonderful schools in Essex and terrible ones like I went to. Happily, my old school was torn down and replaced. :+1:


This was junior school… it took a while, but I eventually “killed her with kindness”…and then our family moved from Essex to Suffolk… so left my “new friend” far behind.

Many years later, when we returned to the area, I found out (from others) that said bully had had a very sad childhood (home life) and that this was perhaps why she had behaved as she did… :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

You are far more forgiving than me then Stella. The nasty bitches made my life hell and I don’t care what their motives/reasons were. I hope they have all had miserable adult lives.

I so admired a wee fella at my school, quiet little lad, Davy, he was bullied, 'til he lashed out at one of the ‘inadequates’ who persecuted him, a good ‘smack’, we were all delighted, no one ever bothered Him again, same happened to my stepdaughter, who was bullied at College, then at Technical (mainly boys) Lycee, where she soon learned to be ‘tougher’, now the boys know not to ‘push it’, if they don’t want a good slap, or a deadly riposte! 1.6 meters, 45kg, and beautiful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was not the only one she bullied… we smaller folk bandied together to keep out of her way for most of the time… then I decided on the other tactic

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I was a “gingernut” as a child, or that’s how total strangers used to address me… also once when I wax about 8 someone behind me in a shop tugged my hair and then when I turned around to see how it had happened sniggered and said “so it is true redheads have bad tempers”. This was in Scotland weirdly enough, where redheads are hardly rare. When I was 14 I started dyeing my hair black and when I stopped after about 4 years my hair grew in brown and that was the end of that.


No, very British too. It’s quite common for comedies to make fun of ‘gingers’.

Oh… comedians… well, I would have thought they meant “different/exotic” when talking about gingers… obviously I’m on a different tangent…

Sad people Eh!

My son used to get bullied when he was in year 6 and the one time he retaliated and hit back was the one time the teacher happened to be watching and guess who was the one to get into trouble?!

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Sods Law T’ :slightly_smiling_face: