Red Notice, the story of Bill Browder's fight with Putin

This is the book by Bill Browder which catalogues his fight with Putin and the murder of his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Russian jail.
It should be required reading for everyone.
If you think Putin should be given the benefit of any doubt with regard to the Salisbury poisonings, think again.
Putin is one of the most evil men walking this earth.

I have been in contact with Bill Browder and he is now working hard to bring about a global Magnitsky Act.
This act aims to ban corrupt people from entering countries other than their own and should be something of which we should all be in favour.

Congratulations to Bill Browder.
The UK is to pass a Magnitsky Act to ban entry to UK for people who are guilty of breaches of human rights.

Congratulations are due to you also Jane for your own earnest campaigning efforts to bring to success a cause in which you believe, and on which you seem well informed.

Thank you.
It is also good news that British Overseas territories will have to be transparent in their banking.
I am fed up with having to prove that we are not money laundering the small amounts we move from time to time whilst the big criminals can hide it away with impunity.

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Listened to a very articulate Antigua high-up on Radio 4 this am who sounded very frosty about this and said in effect we are no longer colonial subjects to be bossed around… so it may not be as simple as Westminster voting a Statutory Instrument and the natives will toe the line… :triumph::angry::bomb::boom:

I know it’s way past bedtime for this thread I expect; but I did read quite a lengthy document about this.
Extremely interesting

Yes, evil is a word; and funny how came to be one of the most wealthy men in the world…if not THE

Beware of small men.