Red sacks given by the local council

(Mrs Lynn Edwards) #1

We are still unsure of the use of the red sacks given to us by the local council here in Chantonnay. Comments please?? Also we have read that the yellow sacks can only be used for plastic bottles. Is this true?

(Peter Bird) #2

No problem Lynn, look on the SCOM85 website for all your local info.

(Mrs Lynn Edwards) #3

Thank you for your comments.

(Mrs Lynn Edwards) #4

Thank you for your very helpful info.

(Mrs Lynn Edwards) #5

Do you then take to dechetterie?

(Peter Bird) #6

Ok Lynn, the yellow sacks are for ALL recyclable things like cartons, plastic bottles tin cans etc etc (not bottles etc) These sacks should be put out with the usual rubbish containers every TWO weeksin your area apparently.

The red sacks. In your area the usual black bags etc should only be placed in the wheelie bins at your property, no other bags should be put outside the bin so, if you are producing more rubbish than the wheelie bin can take then you should contact your local SCOM85 office and ask for a bigger volume bin. However, exceptionally if you have the occasional extra bag or two and/or the garbage is particularly bad-smelling or whatever you should contact the SCOM who will give/sell you these red bags to use for this purpose. Your excess red bags will then be taken.

Hope that makes some kind of sense !

(John Withall) #7

Yellow is all packaging down our way, as illustrations on the sack demonstrate.

Red I haven't seen so interested to find out more, maybe we will have to attend a course and get a certificate in waste management

(Simon Roxburgh) #8

i use mine for collecting the garden rubbish in