Red Theme

Hi People -

Please post all your Red Pictures on here we would love to be able to enjoy the beautiful images for years to come


he is clearly German. the photo is superb!

I've forgotten where, exactly. Somewhere near Morlaix.

"DENNIS" the fire engine - definitely red!

OK, just to make up for the "infra-red' in monochrome, I thought you might be entertained by where I used to live for two years when I first came over to Normandie in '92:

Cheers, Stuart - and apologies to Paula Jayne.

tis lovely, Kent.

Nice, like that Kent.

Infra red - OK, this is probably cheating a little, but it really is taken on infra red film. Used to do a lot of that but you can't seem to get the film anymore.

I love the grainy texture. Perhaps I ought to bung it on "Texture" too.

More red (than not) La Perlerie, Dinan.

Red @ Lehon.

You lost me after the second comma when you started talking Chinese ;)

Yep, that's us. Antony my younger son is learning to fly. He already flies solo and is hoping to pass his private pilots licence this year.

I've lost 100 gigs worth of stuff, the crash wiped the attached external at the same time, I now have 4 externals, ones a MoFo, clouds, and what ever else. It took out my Apps, 7 years of pics , All my Graphics work, Stuart I was gutted.

Hi Stu, didn't realise that was yuu.

Thank you Ronald.

I always keep two HD's. I couldn't bear to lose photos!!

I had a great collection of themed colours, red, green, yellow etc...lost the lot when I had a HD accident recently...hey ho...start again.

lovely stuff…make a nice framed pic, all together

Only rented for the odd hour of course :D