Redoing le diagnostic

I have sweaty palms - yes not pleasant to read but here is why. Monsieur le diagnostic has come back to Mise a jour the diagnostic for the termites etc in order for the notaire to prepare the compromis de vente. Always a stressful time given the region we live in suffers from termites. Last time he saw the old traces which had been treated in the past but nothing active. I pray that it stays that way. We poured reinforced concrete floors when we renovated the house but we still wouldn't want any little critters munching away at the rest of the house.

So I stand here waiting whilst he roots around in our garage and cave looking for new traces. This bit is free, they include the revision or bring up to date of the diagnostic as part of the original price. Relief.

I am so nervous, the last thing I need right now is another thing to have to sort out.

There's a knock at the door - c'est Monsieur.......................

Rien n'a bouger! Phew what a relief. Monsieur Diagnostic will send the updated paperwork this afternoon.

Well that's one more step closer. Now off to L'ecole to see La Directrice.