Reduced price tickets for the salon de Noel at Pau

I have already posted this in general but as some of you in this group are near Pau( at least I think you are) I thought I would post this again here.

If anyone would like to have some reduced price entrance tickets to go to the Salon de Noel at Pau. It's the salon of Artisans, Hobbyistes & Chocolate. It will be on the 25th,26th & 27th of December.

The Tickets will get you in for 2€50, I think the standard price is 4€50, children are free. It's orgnaised by the Lions club so profits go to charity. There are a lot of stalls to see to give you christmas gift ideas. I will be there with my childrens clothes and our reconstituted marble statues.

Email me and I will get them to you by email in PDF. I have a busy weekend so if I don't get them to you by return don't panic.

Hi, yes please I would like to go to the event at Pau. My hu

Not yet. . I have them on a printable PDF page so can give away as many as i like. No limit . Roll up, roll up !!

Just trying to get enough stuff made before then.

i wish I could have another day in the week just for me.

Have you managed to find someone to hve your tickets Clare?

dont know if we will be in the UK or not - will check with OH - otherwise would love to come!

I can't find a direct link to the actual expo I have one to the lions club who are the organisers.

Generaly there are around 90 or so exhibitors who are mostly artisans d'Art selling their own wares. Also there is a hobbies secion so that people exhibit their collectuins or interests. there is always a giant mini- railway ( that sounds like an oxymoron) , radiuo contolled cars , small areoplanes etc. last year they managed to have a climbing wall with hand grips for people to try. Ther is also a section of speciality foods and always chocolate.

It's open on the friday afternoon and all day sat and sunday .

If you want any more info I will try to answer any more specific questions.

appologies for the spelling the spell check doesn't want to do English today!!

Do you have a link to the event, please, Claire?