Reducing my carbon footprint

This morning OH announced he had given up having toast because it reduced his carbon footprint.
As I hoovered the kitchen, I decided I too would reduce my carbon footprint and give up housework. :grin:


I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.

Joan Rivers


Yep, that’s about the difference it’ll make to my carbon footprint. :grin:

You really need to get rid of that vacuum cleaner. It’s the first step on the slippery slope of never ending useless purchases.

They sell you a labour saving device and the next thing you know is they will be telling you that you need an exercise machine.

The motor industry sells you power steering and you are going to need a personal trainer to help you develop your upper body strength.

They sell you a television and someone else wants you to buy a special chair that will help you to stand up when you get locked in a sedentary position.

Don’t kid yourself those people have dedicated their lives to making your life better. They just want your money.

Just keep reminding yourself that every solution results in a new problem.

The latest miracle device is a cleaner that can suck up a spilled pot of spaghetti bolognese in five seconds. Costs around £300. I’ve got a dog that will do that for free, carbon pawprint zero!


I find a broom works pretty well - 2 or 3 times a day in the kitchen as having a parrot is a messy business (they throw food all over the place)

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Not sure about the methane pawprint though! Not to mention the poo pawprint.

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How dare you? I’ll have you know my dog is self-cleaning, Teflon coated and smells of spring flowers!


That’s the sort of dog I could do with. :slight_smile:

You sweep you kitchen two or three times a day!!! You’re a saint. That’s my total for the week and I have dogs and teenagers. I. Je down in admiration.

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Mais non. C’est un privilège d’être appelée à servir un perroquet. Peu en sont dignes.

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Merci Peter, je crois aussi - many people keep parrots in cages (sometimes with an “apron” around it to catch the mess) - ours is free flighted and therefore able to shred and spread her food. It’s a quick job though. :crazy_face:


She’s a beautiful bird. Do you know why she spreads her food around? Is it to mark her dining-room territory, or an invitation to dinner? Or might it be she knows it invites your presence broom-in-hand? Coercive control? :thinking::smiley:

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I think its a bit of each, but mainly that at least 50% of whatever she eats ends up scattered on the floor (or in the case of pomegranate 30% eaten, 30% chewed and spat out and 40% juice up the wall!)


Sweet parrot. I grew up with a West African Grey, very mischievous and good at driving the dogs mad by telling them lies in my grandmother’s voice (tricked my grandfather as well). Fairly keen on chucking stuff around, liked cats, labradors, deerhound, spaniels; absolutely loathed and feared bull terriers.


@Wendy_Cooper-Wolfe and @vero

Very, very interesting, very entertaining, very instructive and mind-broadening so thank you both :hugs:

And thank you parrots!

good morning @vero, my father always wanted an African Grey but once he could have had one then felt he was too old to take on a bird (for the sake of a long living bird). I never intended being a parrot person but went to a breast screening unit (in the car park of a garden centre) and came back having parted with a lot of dosh and a small Senegal parrot!
@Peter_Goble - thank you - they are lovely and I think Peter you would find the psychology of parrots and parrot keeping interesting - having a happy and interested bird demands a high level of interaction and a lot of understanding of their body language!

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Aha, Wendy! We seem to be swinging on the same perch when it comes to understanding the parapsychology of parrot ornithology!

But I’ve never answered the subtle call to parrot-service, probably to the relief of the parrot-serving community, and the parrots they serve. I have much to learn, obviously. And the call only comes once, I think.

My homage to you and Her Feathered Excellency!

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