Redundant heating oil

My girlfriend purchased 700€ of heating oil last month. Last week she had the OK to have a pompe a chaleur installed completely free. It was installed yesterday…leaving her with a tank of heating oil :grinning:

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Did you manage to sell it? If so, for how much?

Does anyone want to buy some cheap oil. North east of Toulouse, near Lavaur…

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Hi Adam. I’m afraid that I can’t help with the unneeded oil, but I’m interested in the pompe à chaleur. I had always assumed that these ‘free’ offers must be a scam. Could you please give us a brief account of what’s involved in getting a free installation?


Thanks Jane - made for the job! I have a couple of feelers out to neighbouring farmers, and then certainly will put an ad on the site!
Again, thanks!

Like you Brian, I was wary of these offers. They kept pouring in, so we cautiously had a few around to estimate the pump and insulation. Sure enough, it was ‘give us three quarters and then Total Energy will refund you later…’ These were quickly discounted, and rightly so judging from the growls and complaints about wasting their time.

I told her to forget about it, the whole idea is one giant scam.

Anyway, the last estimate before we gave up, was quite professional. They went into detail of the house and her situation with emphasis on the age of the house, lack of insulation, woman living alone, low declared income (the fact that there are 20 odd foals and horses in various stages of pregnancy out in the paddocks did not seem to phase them…) then went away and came back with an estimate of 40k€, with a bottom line ‘estimated entitled refund’ of 40k€. We shelved it with a smile. But they would not leave us alone, kept calling asking for a start date. In the meantime with winter approaching, she purchased oil!

Then suddenly, they appeared in person asking what was it not to like, and when can they start? I then jumped in with my size tens and told them to go away and only come back with an attestation from Total Energies (it seems that Total are the Govt arbitrators for these installs) that the whole installation would cost us nothing. I thought this would get rid of them.

But no, they re-appeared with attestation in hand from Total and another from the installation company saying it was completely free. On examination and checks, all appeared legit! I am sure there is a catch somewhere, but could not see it. On the basis that 40k - if it has to be paid - is not the end of the world, she signed.

A week later, two Polish chappies appeared with the biggest pompe I have ever seen and beavered away until 11pm installing it with a promise to return next week with a truck load of insulation…

So, there is a big unit outside the kitchen window, nicely plumbed in to the radiators that we have not paid for!

I will gather up the relevant paperwork and mail it off to you if it helps.

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Thank you, Adam - that is incredible! I’d be interested to know the company…


OK - she is coming down on Saturday. I will ask her to bring the file, and collate the details into a mail.

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I would be interested as well if you have the time.

Thank you very much Adam. I suspect that quite a few of us will be interested.

OK, just spoke with Yvonne. The enterprise you need is Nely.

She responded to Govt annonce on fessbook to get free insulation, and a week later was contacted by Nely. An estimator then visited not a month ago and took control to the point that a working pompe is installed without a cent being paid.

Try contacting Nely and see what the procedure is, If you are asked for a reference, pm me and I will give you Yvonne’s details.


I also would be interested, hopefully we have a project coming soon.

As I suggest: contact Nely and see how it goes.

Hi @Adam1 - which Department are you in? (As your experience has been positive)

Tarn - south of Lavour.

Maybe it is departmental, but Nely is nationwide and should be the same. I do feel though that there is a points system where my girlfriend managed to tick all the boxes - or we are in for the last laugh on us where we misread something and a bill will be winging its way to us!

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Did you just say fessbook…as in fessebook?

is that a new slang I’m missing? can’t stop giggling…

Dunno - am I spelling it incorrectly maybe? I have always called it fessbook! But yes, I guess the same :rofl:

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Or even fossebook :slight_smile:

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Facelessbook is my take on it :yum:

I like fossebook - but outside France not understood!
Let’s just cut the cr.p and for international recognition, call it shtbook…?


How about farcebook….given that une farce is a French thing.