Referendum voting

A friend tried to post her vote but the post office insisted it needed a stamp. she had heard that votes arriving with stamps were disallowed.

Not sure about that but I just put mine in a post box. The envelope states clearly in French that the postage is paid.

Anyone else with the same issues?

What would make anybody think a postal vote would be excluded because of a postage stamp? Isn't there a clue in the word "postal"? In some countries internal official correspondance to and from Govt Depts is exempt from postage but there is no reason to penalise a person for paying the postage charges required from abroad. Another old wifes tale methinks.

is there a homeopathic remedy for gullibility?

And can it be bought in bulk? ;)

and if so perhaps spread it using chemtrails!


But then we might all stop believing in the moon landing.

Oi, leave me out of it!!!

My mama always said I was landed.

Just to be on the safe side, I took mine to the Post Office to check that it was OK, and it was accepted readily without the need for any stamps.