Refund from SNCF?

Anybody else having trouble with applying for a refund from SNCF or other travel providers?
A family member arrived before the lockdown!
He tried to get a change of return ticket, during which time UK travel restrictions were being put in place, it became very difficult or too expensive to get back before his original return date.
SNCF site just keeps showing ’ technical problems’ The site also states that refunds will be given, even after the travel date.
I know it’s a crazy time for all :crazy_face:
Any help please?

Tell me about it!!! We tried so many times to change our tickets online, and then to cancel them with zero success. My OH even went to the station to ask for his tickets to be changed and was told that he must have bought them through a tour company so they couldn’t do anything. (He had bought them online via sncf of course). He insisted politely and they eventually slammed down the guichet on him!!

I eventually had to buy a new, more expensive, ticket to get back. And he just decided not to travel. So all quite expensive!

And we eventually found this reclamation form on sncf website so have sent in requests for refunds… who knows whether we will ever get anything back. We have also requested refunds from eurostar.

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Thanks Jane, I will give it a try.
Thankfully my relative has accepted he will have to stay here longer than expected (would rather self isolate in France) will just check regularly to see what is available.