Refusal of the CPAM to issue a form S2 to enable me to have tmedical treatment in the UK

I have recently been trying, with the help of Cancer Support France,and without success, to try and find a nuclear medicine department in France who can give me a scintimammogram using a gamma camera.

I approached the English speaking helpline of the CPAM on how to go about having my treatment funded in UK and was told that I needed a form S2. My french prescription needed to say that the treatment was not available in France and I then should go to my nearest office, Macon, who would issue me with the form.

I had my prescrition amemded to say that the treatment was not available in France and went down to Macon, who sent everything off to the International Relations Department in Chalon sur Saone.

The advice they gave me at first was that I did not need this form because I was British and could just walk into UK and receive the treatment for free. When I told them that I could not do this and I was, in fact, in the french health system, they told me that they will not issue this form because there is no convention between France and UK for retirees in receipt of a UK pension to receive such treatment in UK free at point of delivery.

I was sure that this wrong and telephoned Newcastle, who put me in touch with the Policy team of the Department of Health at Richmond House in Whitehall. They assured me that I was right and gave me the number of the EC regulation concerned. I went back to the CPAM english helpline, who said that they could only follow what their french colleagues said, but that they would point out what information I had been given in UK.

At the moment I am waiting to hear their reply. I was advised by the Department of Health to ask for a letter advising me why they had turned down my request and I have done this. I have also spoken with the advice line of the EC and filled in a complaint.

My problem is that I have been trying since January to find this treatment and as we are returning to UK to see a new grandchild in April, I saw this as an opportunity to be treated in the same hospital which has always done this procedure for me in the past.

I had lobular cancer which is not discovered by normal mammograms or ultrasounds and I am now overdue for my screening.

If I pay for this myself I will not be entitled to reimbursement, even though it looks to be a clear case of maladministration.

Has anybody else, in receipt of a UK retirement pension, been able to travel to UK with this form S2 and, if so, where was your CPAM office?

Help please.

As you know jane, that's nearly always the best way to play things with French admin/bureaucracy - just keep on at them and they'll eventually concede! fingers crossed for you ;-)

Thanks Andrew, it is so frustrating when you are told you right by the people at the top, ie London and you have to accept (pro tem) what the minnows at Chalon are saying.

I am a fighter, and if they think I am going way, they have another think coming.

Jane, I haven't got any answers on this either but just wanted to wish you good luck ;-)