Regarding 16 amp electrical sockets

The house I moved into two and half years ago had recently been rewired by a reputable electrician. There was a free standing dual fuel oven in situ which, at 100 cm wide, was too big for my needs (and it was old and shabby). I bought a new, free-standing cooker from Darty who fitted an ordinary plug (there was no facility for hard wiring). All is well with the oven but I’ve twice been told that it should be fitted to a 32 amp socket or be hard wired. I’ve since looked at the manual which confirms this but all the sockets in this house are 16 amp. I only found this out because I want to move the cooker to a more suitable place. Any advice please? There was no issue with electrics when I had the DPE.

If its a single oven and gas hob, the total electrical consumption will be less than 3kw and can be plugged into a normal 16A socket. A dedicated one is obviously preferable but it won’t need hard wiring.



If you are putting the oven in a new place then install a dedicated 6mm² circuit to it. This can then be protected at 32A or 16A, depending on the actual need of the device. Such a circuit should also be protected via a Type A 30mA différentiel.

This move future proofs things & makes the installation compliant with NF-C 15-100.


Indesit freestanding electric cooker: 50 cm - IS5M5PCW/FR

It is surprisingly difficult to pin down the electric power consumption for the model, it’s not actually listed in the user manual(though the power output of the burners is noted).

However looking at the spares available there is a 2kW upper oven/grill element and a 1kW oven base element so, as @Mark surmised, it will be 3kW total - well within the power that can be supplied from a 16A socket.

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Isn’t it just. I downloaded the manual yesterday and have a hard copy (somewhere!) but there is absolutely nothing in it. Anyway, thank you for this - it’s very reassuring. I only ever use the oven and the solitary hotplate is there in the event of running out of gas so all’s well. Thanks again.