Register S1

can anyone tell me I saw when I typed in to google that someone had written that you can register your S1 form in Ruffec, someone comes part time 2 days a week, my doctor told me this but he did not explain exactly where and when, and also what do I need to provide as people have put different things,

also is there any way of finding out the cost of the prescription before hand I believe that it ill come into the catogory of the lowest reimbursement, but I have to collect it anyway and would like to know what sort of cot I would be looking at,

also when its collected can I take it when I register the receipt and claim it immediately

would just like to say thank you to you all for your help, as have been on several forums for quite sometime now both before and since we have been here and although some have been help full the majority have been, patronizing, scathing and down right nasty, I know it all seems easy when you have been here a while, but when you are new you may appear to ask silly questions but I have found things to be vastly different to the UK and as we cannot speak the language, it makes it harder, but thank you to you all

You need to have registered and obtained your Carte Vitale before you make claims. Just hold onto the copy of your prescription and claim when it’s sorted.

One is a document which your doctor signs to say he will take you on his/her list, the second is a form which you can fill in at the office … They will give you the form.

The lady in the AM office in St Palais checked with the main office in Bayonne and said my birth certificate did not need translating, don’t have a marriage certificate!

what are the last 2 documents in french the prescription and the form from doctors have not fetched the prescription yet, do I need to do this first and the RIB for bank is that the I ban number etc so I can be reimbursed IE sort code and account number

I think this demand is different in CPAM offices throughout France. We never had to have them translated in Macon.

thanks for that will try docs as is and see what happens

Hi Helen

I assumed that what you are trying to do is to apply for a Carte Vitale using your s1 and then when this is through to obtain the 70% refunds on your doctors charges and your prrescriptions. Is that correct or do you already have a carte vitale?

Some people do think that requesting the translations is a breach of EU rules but recently everyone (us inlcuded) who has applied for a CV has had to supply translations of their birth and marriage certificates. Perhpas someone else will post on this - I think some time ago Brian (milne) confirmed that the rules had changed and we would have to do this. We have also recently had to get a translation done to change the driving licence, although we know of someone else who went to a different prefecture but in the same department who did not three weeks earlier.

We didn't get any of our documents translated but some CPAM's have been insisting on this being done.I believe that the EU regard this demand as being in breach of the rules regarding free movement within the EU. I should try with your documents as is. Your local Mairie should have a list of "interpreteurs assermenté" if you find the documents must be translated.

what are the last 2 french documents the prescription and the receipt

how on earth do you get a court translator, to translate your certificates, some one else has said that they did not need to get their documents translated is this definitely necessary,

also dont forget you will need to have your birth certificate and marriage certificate translated by an official court translator too.

Birth certificate


Recent bill for electric, fixed phone line etc

RIB for bank


Declaration de choix de medecin traitant

Declaration de changement de situation

You take your S1 to the part time satellite office of CPAM in Ruffec together with your other documents.

no sorry have looked at the link, no mean my visit to Ruffec to hand in my S1 but then thought it must be as French people would not need an S1 unless they see people for other things as well

No it will be in French if by it you mean the link.

on earlier advice have made photocopies of everything to take with me, birth certificates, marriage, proof of address passport

Most important, do not let them keep any of your documents!

They should take photocopies. I also asked for a receipt, should they say that they had not received them.

Thank you will it be in English and what documents do I need to take please