Registering a UK vehicle in France - any difference between a car and a van in terms of complexities etc?

Hi All

I'd expect there to be some differences (forms etc) but are there any complexities or pitfalls to bear in mind between the two? A friend suggested a commercial vehicle was much more difficult to re-register - can any one help me out here please?

Happy New Year to everyone.

Hi Colette, most helpful thanks. Didn't know about the annual em' test though overall sounds very reassuring.



Hi Adrian

In December 2013 after a long process, we finally got our 3 UK vehicles registered in France. We have 2 cars and an old Ford Transit van. They all passed their Control Technique and we had no problems in relation to the difference between a car and a van.

There is only one difference afterwards with a van and that is that the emissions have to be checked yearly as opposed to the twice yearly for a car.

Hope this helps.