Registering a used van from a different department


i am buying a second hand van 2003 registered in France i will need to re register as it has the dept number in the vehicle registration.

my question how much does it cost i looked on line and it appears in Aquitaine to be 36.00,

As it is van originally you paid an admission fee would this have to be paid again?

also french insurance any recomendations

thanks in advance

hi Chris

thanks i think i will do the same they do not seem to ask for a ct , i asked for plates and the just added 20.00 i suppose they just issue a new number?

great site thanks


Glad to assist. They will charge a fee. I have only used them to get cost then go direct to prefecture.


thanks just did the above cam out 289.33 is this company the same as going to the prefecture or do they include a fee

thanks Chris

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thanks i am trying to find out if it is just a change of address 36.00 or full registeration

You always have to register a vehicle in your name when you buy it. If it has old style plates there will be the additional cost of new plates on top of the registration fee.

thanks Shirley

unfortunately 87 is in the name and my understanding is i have to re register i was hoping not to have to pay the 300.00 again

Angela, it’s over 10 years old, that should keep the cost down by 50%, it did when I registered my just 10 yr old UK bought Clio in 2008. My old neighbour told me 4 years ago, the Herault department was the most expensive dept for getting a Carte Grise!

But does yours need reregistering just for changing depts., thought that law was changed when they brought out the new style plates. Dept No. gave a sense of identity and many French residents clamoured to be able to keep that option. You may not need to change the plates, possibly just let the police / prefecture know you are now the owner, but I’m sure the gents on here will know better than me! Re Insurance, I used AXA, speak to the AXA ladies who advertise on SFN, they speak English and one of them is.


I imagine it is the same as for a car, it will depend on the Fiscal Horsepower and the Dept you live in, 36.00 seems far too cheap to me, check the website for your local prefecture.

Hi Angella,
If you have just bought the van & it is not yet registered in your name you will have to go through the whole procedure & pay a one off fee based on the age, type & power of the vehicle. You do this every time a vehicle changes hands. If it is already registered to you at another address anywhere in France the change of address is free (or at the most 2.50 euros).
You do say “I am buying…” so I’m afraid you will have to go through the re registration procedure. You can do this at any prefecture in France, even if you do not live in the chosen prefecture’s departement. Most prefectures also provide a drop & go service.
You will need :-

  1. The old carte grise crossed, signed & dated by the previous owner.
  2. Your copy of the Declaration de Cession d’un vehicule form which both you & the seller have filled in & signed.
  3. A Demande d’Immatriculation form (cerfa no 13750*01, downloadable) filled in as much as you can - if you are not sure of the correct thing to put, leave blank.
  4. A photo id plus a photocopy if you are waiting at the prefecture, just a photocopy for drop & go or post.
    5.An EDF or phone bill (not mobile) or bank statement as above.
  5. The CT which must have been done within the last 6 months or the failure cetificate if done within the last 2.
  6. The means to pay the registration fee.

Some garages & other businesses are also agents for the service but they charge a fee in the region of 20 euros but they will save you a trip to the prefecture!

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