Registering a vehicle manufactured in Canada

Hi all, have trawled all the obvious sites for info and have emailed Ford France HQ for info. However, anyone any real experience of bringing in a UK registered vehicle that originally came from Canada? Have seen that you can get a certificate of non-conformity from Ford but what happens after that, is the vehicle inspected here in France and will they require modifications? The engine size is bigger than the normal EU spec so does that mean it would not be acceptable?
Also, do you get screwed with importation taxes and levies?
Any advice welcome please


If you do not have all the paperwork in place, I suspect you may have to go the DREAL route - which we discussed a while ago on another thread.

With regard to importation taxes and levies - hasn’t the car already been imported into UK ???

Bringing a car to France will incur Taxes on Registration - as you will know. Is there something else you are thinking about ???

Hi Stella, just trying to understand the process of non-conformity - is this a big deal and therefore a no-go area. also trying to work out the potential taxes on registration which looks like another minefield. Just need to know what we are in for before taking the process of buying the car any further.

OK, not to worry, Ford France came back and suggested we would have problems so its a no-go for us.