Registering a vw 2005 car to French plates

We have put car through contole technique and insured it.what are next steps to getting onto French plates.

Regards Bill

We registered a 2004 Audi A6 All Road here last year after moving over. We were stung with a 600 Euro bill on the Green Tax. Everything else was amazingly simple and done within 2 hours. Like most things official involving local government offices here, arrive just before or just after lunch, 12 or 1400, and things are done quickly.

Our car is 2001 and it cost just over 100 euro so was more than half the price. I don’t understand the logic myself, it encourages older cars, but that’s the rule in my department.

Does the cost increase with the age of the car? I am thinking of bringing an old Frontera over (1999) but if its going to cost more than the car is worth I will think again!

As Heather mentioned, you need a quitus fiscal (prob from the prefecture also- different area to carte grise). It's a sort of tax clearance cert to say there is no tax due on the car (i.e. it was previous your own vehicle, before you brought it into the country).

You may also need a Cert of Conformity - I got one from manufacturer in Ireland, it was a European document, so I didn't need translation)

When you go to Prefecture, you will need - Cert of Conformity, Quitus Fiscal, CT Cert (with old reg), proof of address, ID, and lots of cash - 250 sounds right as it's under 10 years old)

You will need to fill a form at the office too - basically a form with your signature.

Best of luck, once we had all the papers, our car was easy to get registered, and our prefecture didn't require copies of everything, unlike others who needed to provide 3 copies of everything.

A phonecall to prefecture will confirm what you need, if you can speak french ;)

Hey Bill,

Next bit is to go to the local tax office to get a doc signed from them to show that you have paid tax on the car in country of origin- best to ask at prefecture if you dont know which one that is and at the same time get the form to fill in from the prefecture to import the car. THen once you have all of that go back to prefecture and stand in line for carte grise form- make sure you have passport with you etc.. and then u get to pay- we have just done it with a vw passat 2005- bill of 250 euros!!!! hope that helps