Registering as a gardener


I am about to register myself as a gardener and see there were hick-ups along the way. Would somebody be kind enough to tell me what the final route was to become registered.

I guess she must have made it private since you last viewed it. I suspect she did that because she is now charging a hefty fee for all her info even the stuff that was once free and is now out of date.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you. She is obviously a smart cookie!! ;-) Perhaps I should have downloaded it before she removed it!

She has a website startingabusinessinfrance where you can get all the info for an annual fee. Used to be about€75-100, cant remember exactly.

Sorry Nigel.

Hi Sarah,

I was going to check my form against the video but it now says it is a private video (which i understand). I have viewed it once already. Is it possible to view it more than once?



Thanks Alex.

Thank you for the links - much appreciated.

I don't know about anyone else but I had no problems registering here It took about 30 mins to complete the online form. Once submitted, I received confirmation of my siret/Siren within 2 weeks and a letter from my chosen Mutuelle company around 3-4 weeks later. Thereafter I received various letters from RSI (my appointed body) requesting docs for Carte Vitale etc and nothing further to do other than declarations every quarter (you can choose quarterly or monthly). The only thing to be aware of is the junk mail you will receive from business listings which try to convince you that you have to pay the bill they send.

If you need some guidance completing the online form there is a video (although a little outdated with the form layout the content is pretty much the same so use your head and you will be fine) here:

Personally, I have had no problems whatsoever since registering.

Hi Nigel. The category you are looking for is Service a la Personne. You are not a gardener because this falls under farming. You'll be allowed (last time I looked) to help out at other people's houses under the S a la P category. Strimming is allowed, but you can't plant anything or cut anything. You aren't even allowed to cut grass, as this is strictly farming. You are, however, allowed to tend to lawns. At least, last time I looked. But there have been a lot of Thursdays since then and anything you want to do will change, in my experience, every second Thursday.

Good luck with everything.