Registering as an AE, problems!

Im hoping someone can help as im a bit stuck registering as an AE - obviously the recent posts about the future of the scheme are alarming but I still need to get set up!

I am going to be carrying out gite management work, including advertising properties, taking bookings, organising cleaners and/or cleaning myself, along with ad hoc, basic maintenance. I was thinking of putting it all under 'gestion des proprietes' (something I made up as there is nothing relevant on the list).

Do you think there will be any major problems with that?

I am also really stuck on which category to select, I thinks its probably a Profession Liberale?!

Thanks very much in advance


I can't do it! It recognises the connection to me, because I pay online I guess and does not let me look at what you are trying to do.

Must prepare dinner now anyway...

i did think that but googled it and it kept coming up with British Columbia lol

Well if I just put that for now and in the next section confirm the place of naissance hopefully it will be ok



thats not even on there, seems a bit strange really...

Its been a long day so perhaps im being daft but cant see anything relevant on the list - if you can spare any more time please could you see if you can look at the list

I completely understand if you havent got the time.


I can't remember doing mine three years or so back, but I can assure you the separate nations of the UK are not seen as countries by those application. Royaume Unie is likely...

thanks, i'll do that then! Im having difficulties actually selecting my nationalite, they seem to list every EU nationalite except Anglais?!

Yep think that's what I did... seems like ages ago now..

Kind of. My OH does immoblier part time and other work the rest, what they want is one professional title so agent commercial will do without making you (whisper, whisper) an official estate agent, then that is under profession liberal anyway. As long as you pays your taxes, etc as you should then nobody gives a hoot from there on in...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the helpful response. Perhaps that would be better then, did you make up your own 'title' and put it under profession liberale, the website is confusing!

Thanks again



That's what I do...

When you do reservations and advertising - it always goes under the owners name... even for lettings you are meant to be an immobilier...

I don't do the cleaning myself, but call the cleaner / plumber etc etc I also do the marketing.

As it was so diverse, I put myself down as consultant in the end...

Thanks Keith and Brian,

Re. advertising property, I will be just placing/managing adverts for gites/short term rental properties (not houses for sale) so im hoping it wont come under an agent commercial! Fingers crossed

Ill keep sifting for advice :)

Silly me Claire, this is in the group, sorry - but sift anyway and ye shall find, amen!

Claire, we have been there before. Suggest you sift through the AE group for all solutions. Profession Liberale certainly to your specific question - as you will find in the group.