Registering IW horse trailer

I have a UK registered Ifor Williams trailer which I would like to register here in France. It was brought over pre Brexit and I have all the paperwork for it from first ownership. Thought it would be relatively straightforward - pay Ifor Williams for CoC then register via ANTS site…… unfortunately IW are saying they no longer issue Certs for trailers of this age, but they may be able to issue a ‘Barre Rouge’ whatever that it - they say it ‘may’ let me register it here……
I guess it might be easier, quicker and cheaper just to get it inspected if IW barre rouge is not recognised by ANTS. Has anyone been through this procedure and know what I need to make sure I have in place? Got all the paperwork since original purchase from IW dealer and it has its serial number stamped chassis and on metal plate on towbar. Lights, brakes etc all in order but I am pretty sure there will be something additional required! Any advice or tips appreciated. Thank you.

Me! Registered a 24 yr old trailer with no previous paperwork. Feel free to dm me .

Thank you! I will message you :grinning:

Messaged you

Any advice please I also been told I need a barre rouge for my trailer they want £195+ VAT

Hi, does this help.
Good luck, I gave up and took mine back to UK to sell.

Hi Cat,
I am just in the same process as I see you went through last year. I have a 25 year old Ifor Williams trailer and getting the Barre Rouge story from them. The trailer is to good to get rid of and start again. Any help would be really appreciated