Registering to cook from home

Hello all,
Hope you all are well. We have been asked to cook a takeaway by quite a few local people in the area. Would like to know what we need to do to be compliant and work within the law and regulations.
Thank you

You will need to do a food safety course, my friend just did hers and they are currently running them over zoom. I believe you need to have a separate area from your family kitchen to cook in as well (or at least you did when I did my ME one week stage - not sure though now after reading the article below!). Obviously then you need to also set up your ME which is quick and easy. This article is quite good:

Thank you very much Tory. Greatly appreciated. Extremely useful.

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Thank you everyone for your previous advice… Just received my Extrait Kbis for a Chef Domicile and Traiteur registration as a Micro Entrepreneur! Trading now…as Friday Night Takeaway 33220 on Facebook


I have had a good look on your Facebook page, the food looks excellent - we are approx 20 minutes from St Foy. When the 10km & 7pm curfew are lifted we will give it a try.

Is it a fixed menu with charge per person? Need to book in advance?

Hi Mat Good to hear from you. I meet one of my customers at the D4/D14 junction which is exactly 10km from us and from them. So if you are anywhere near there I could drive down. Let me know. Yes it is a fixed price weekly changing menu and we cook for an order for 2 people at €30 for a main, vegetarian side, daal and rice. We make a raita and a salad or papads. Every dish is different every week and we cook mainly from the west coast of India.


We email the menu on a Monday morning for orders for that week. If you would like me to add you to the email list please let me know.

PM sent

I would like a menu too please, I am 33890 Gensac.

Good morning Barbara
Thank you for your message please send me your email address to Look forward to be able to cook for in the very near future.
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My e mail address is clos des Saveurs at

sorry I can not find the arabesque on my machine is that right Barbara?

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Ah I understand. Will try that thank you Tory

Hi Barbara is it closdesaveurs @

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What about the process of registering this kind of business? Was it complicated? I’ve recently read about the disadvantages of using home address for business on this site, and it seems that it is better to find a good service that can provide me with a virtual office, address, mail, etc. I don’t need a real office, so I think this may be a good option for me. but what about the other steps?