´Registration and getting numéro fiscal / activité independante

Hello everyone,
I´m new in France and this forum. Hope I can get some help as I´ve been struggling to comprehend the processes. I have submitted the papers (permis de sejour G-frontalier) for my activity (raison individuelle) in Geneva and in order to open a Swiss bank account, the bank is asking me for my numero fiscal in France where I reside. Where do I register though to get one? I have never worked in France. I´m an EU citizen.
Thnx a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Kristina

If you reside in France, you will make your Income Declaration, here in France… and that will provide you with your Numero Fiscale… :relaxed:

Hi Stella, thank you for the reply. So you cannot just register at the Mairie or something?
I have never worked in France and actually been living here since April this year…

If that is essential as you advised, how do I do that? To which administration office do I go? I got no clue…:frowning:

Hi Kristiana…

Surely, to find your Numéro Fiscale… you must be “IN” the French system…

Le numéro fiscal figure sur les documents suivants : sur votre déclaration de revenus pré-remplie, en haut à gauche de la première page ; sur vos avis d’impôt (impôt sur le revenu, taxe d’habitation, taxe foncière) en haut à gauche, rubrique « Vos références ».

You say you’ve been living in France since April 2018 … in which case none of the above documents are yet available to you…

Perhaps you have over-complicated matters by trying to open a Bank Account in Switzerland, after moving from Geneva to France… :thinking::wink::roll_eyes:

Why not open an account in France ???

Thank you for your feedback, Stella.