"Registry of the Court" - is this real?

Am a little perplexed. I received a phone call today from a woman claiming to be from the "Registry of the Courts" asking for my email address so she could send some legal documents. Am I being sued (yay, been here 5 weeks and someone hates me already) or do you think it's a scam?

I did ask her how I could possibly know she was who she said she was and she offered me a phone number. I said that proved very little but, being needed elsewhere at the time, gave the email address, said I'd report any spam and hung up. With hindsight I should have said if she had my name & phone number, she'd also have my address and should post any documents. Yep, idiot.

The only thing I have done recently is register as an AE but can't think what that would have to do with the courts. I'd be surprised if it an unpaid bill as we only arrived 5 weeks ago.

Anyone heard of them?

Hi Valerie,

I agree with the gang here, although I look forward to your post about the "RSI" letter demanding cotisations....(smiles) - now this one REALLY is a scam...(it is a listing in a company directory so look out for this one).

Getting back on message, I'd be tempted to change my passwords - especially online banking accounts.

5 weeks! Welcome!


A recent change in law now allows the French lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception (or LRAR which is a signed for delivery) to be sent by email. The prerequisite for this is for the recipient to agree to such delivery in advance. This includes summons to Court hearing although I have not yet used the system myself.

I guess this is simply a LRAR relating to your AE registration but you will soon find out.

I hope this helps.

Sounds like a scam to me but all of those that I've had just arrived in the post without any phone calls before hand. Wait and see what turns up.

That's why scam keeps flitting through my head - when I worked at the solicitors, we might email things to clients but always a hard copy in the post. If you were serving notice on someone, you'd never simply do it by email. If it was forms or similar connected to registering as an AE, I wouldn't have thought that would come from 'the courts' but you never know I suppose. If Orange etc have sold on their new customer/phone list, it's a scam. I suppose I will have to live in dread and see if I receive anything by email or whether I'm about to get hacked and thwacked because of it. Groan.

I would second that Valerie, Sheila is right legal matters here and anything of a serious nature should arrive by registered mail.

If anything arrives, post it on here and we'll help out as best we can. Never heard of 'Registry of the Court' but --- who knows?

Don't know about France, Val, but when I worked as Legal Executive back in Dublin, legal documents were always sent by recorded delivery.